An Instrument With Little Time To Be Used

That's all we are....instruments with a specific purpose. But there's a flaw many of us struggle with and that is, for most of our lives, we try to operate like other instruments. 

We try to look like them.

Play like them.

Strike the same pitch and beat the same drum as them.

But the longer we spend trying to be other instruments we get further away from the instrument we are. 

One of the best discoveries in life is when you figure out what kind of instrument you were meant to be. And when you figure this out you learn not to spend time doing anything else other than playing the kind of tunes that come natural to you. This is what it means to be authentic to who you are.

But the second best discovery in life is when you figure out that you're an instrument with little time to be used. The amount of time we spend engaging in waste is not only a shame it's nonsensical. And we spend years, sometimes even, decades struggling to get away from the practice of resistance. It's so baked into who we are that we actually, sometimes, think it's who we are......It's not, it's fear, and fear shows up in many ways including the subtle practice of wasting the day away scrolling your timeline. 

But when you finally realize that you have a very limited amount of time to operate and accomplish your objectives you suddenly learn to ignore the waste and focus on the most important work in front of you. You learn to be the instrument.