Achieve More By Sleeping More

It's a common misconception that the more you sleep the more opportunities you miss. And that is true to a certain extent. Wasting the day through sheer laziness certainly doesn't get you very far. But productive sleep is quite different than laziness.

Most people fail to get a sufficient amount of rest during the night and for a long time, when I first started my business, I fell into this category. I associated sleep with not getting more done and staying awake to "grind it out" as a badge of honor.

As time went on I began to suffer greatly from sleep deprivation. I had less energy, wasn't as cognitively sharp, and simply could not get as much done as I thought I could. It wasn't until I reversed this train of thought and committed to going to bed at a set time each night, and waking up at a set time, that I realized how powerful sleep really was.

I felt smarter, more energized, happier, and motivated to take on the day. I wasn't dragging or reaching for an energy drink. I was "already ready!" Staying on a sleep schedule taught me to discipline myself and focus on the most important items of the day that would get me closer to my goals. I didn't have time to waste because I knew bedtime wasn't too far away. As a result, the time I spent in my work became much more productive and I started checking way more items off the list than when I was trying to pull "all-nighters" in order to make it work.

Today, I am a BIG time sleep advocate. If you're not getting the sort of rest your mind and body deserves I can promise you that you're doing yourself a terrible disservice. Get some rest!