This Is My Last Daily Blog Post

...not completely but at least for a while. I started this blog almost three years ago with one intention in mind. To figure out what I believe to be true about the business I practice and write it down. 

Over the years this ritual has done a number of things to help me grow.

First, it's caused me to think honestly about what I believe at the time of my writing. As time has gone on, of course, my perspective around a number of topics have changed and evolved as I started to put a number of these philosophies into practice. Sometimes I would come to learn that I was right and other times not so much. But regardless of rather I was right or wrong the learning always continued and my thoughts and ideas became more refined as a result of it. 

Secondly, it has reminded me of the responsibility I have as a person who communicates ideas. Over the course of a month approximately fourteen thousand people visit this site. Thank you for that. Whatever your reason has been I can only say that I've always felt the responsibility to speak honestly about what I think in the moment. I've never claimed to be right but I certainly believe the things I've always said are true. Furthermore, I've always written with my children in mind. I don't believe any of them have actually read this blog, at this point in time in their life, but I've always tried to write as though I was speaking to them directly, and ask myself the question is this post leading them down the appropriate path in business and life.

I now plan to post at least once a week with as much insight, passion, and courage as I can muster. Although I'm cautious not to promise that I will and I'll explain why very shortly. I believe strongly in the practice of journaling as it forces us to think critically and honestly about what we believe before we write it down. You don't have to be honest but if you're going to make a difference in your own life or another's then honesty is the only way.

As you may know, I started a real estate company called Urhous. Our goal is very simple - to disrupt and make a difference in the real estate industry in a really big way! Instead of telling you exactly what we mean by that I would rather show you. But it's going to require total and complete focus by our team and I in order to make that happen. Hence, the necessity for me to spend less time showing up on this blog. 

I try not to have too many commitments in my life. I'm very self aware. I understand that I am a horrible multi-tasker and I'm easily distracted when I have more than one thing going on at a time. I also have this condition of becoming a bit angry with myself when I don't achieve the goal I seek due to a lack of discipline and a lack of courage to remove distractions. It's hard for me to live with disappointment that's self-inflicted. So over the years I've learned how to remove food from my plate (even if the food is good for me but not ultimately the food I want) to make room for the most important parts of the meal. Urhous is doing great work in the real estate industry and the entire Urhous team want to make sure that we impress the market with value that can't be disputed, and that takes extreme focus. 

So if you're interested in my work (not that you should be) but if you are, or you're looking to buy or sell a home 😉, go to Urhous and follow the blog, follow us on Facebook, or Instagram. 

We're going deeper than any real estate firm ever have before and we want to offer the kind of value to the market that simply hasn't been demonstrated. 

But I promise you this - when I show up here I will show up with a lot to give. So I hope you stay tuned. In the meantime go over to Urhous and check out what we're doing in the early stages of the company and I'll check in with you from time to time.


- Steve