Ship Now. Ship Often.

Part of creating a smart marketing campaign is knowing how to ship. Shipping means that you distribute valuable information, products, or content to the consumer that is important to them.

When you ship to the consumer often the market becomes familiar with you, your brand, and what you're selling.

Sometimes getting noticed is not a question of rather the market is interested in what you're selling but a question of rather or not they know you exist.

When you don't ship you become forgettable. You can't expect the consumer to remember your name or to remember what you sell. It's up to you to inform the consumer today and in the future. It's also up to you to keep them interested.

This is why you must ship now and ship often. So that you understand what the market wants and needs. Waiting can cause you to believe that you need to obtain perfection prior to shipping and that sort of myth will only leave you paralyzed.

You can only achieve excellence through practice and without that you run the risk of never creating something that is perfect enough for the consumer you're speaking to.