Test, Record, Analyze, Repeat

How do you figure out which actions to take to produce the returns you seek? There are four things you must do in order to fully understand which seeds you should sow and where. 

First, you must test your hypothesis. Put it in practice. Act on the ideas you're thinking about. Nothing matters more than you putting the thoughts that's been drumming around in your head out into the physical world. 

Next, you have to record the data. Everything....I mean everything! For example, the number of people you spoke to, the number of times you spoke to them, age, demographic, worldview, as much information as you can possibly gather you want to have as it is the one element that is absolutely essential to the next step which is to then take that information and analyze it. 

This is the part where you get a chance to figure out what works. It's where you take all the data, analyze it objectively, then sort through the tactics and strategies that worked well and the ones that didn't as much. The winners get to stick around while the losers are discarded.

The last part is simple. Repeat. After you've tested, recorded, and analyzed to figure out what works and what doesn't you simply do the right stuff all over again. After taken the guess work out now you can just repeat but with much more speed and accuracy.