The Next Chapter

It's been a long time getting to this place. For many reasons that's a good thing but I'll get to that shortly. In an age where it's "sexy" to be an entrepreneur and take bankruptcy threatening risk, the truth is ninety-nine percent of the people who tout it never actually take the LEAP. And there is a reason for that as well, but I'll get to that in just a few.

The fact of the matter is when I first entered the real estate business to work for one of the greatest real estate companies, I believe, the world has ever known, I was just a young twenty something year old kid just hoping and praying I would be able to feed my family. Lord knows we weren't people of means, and in order for us to make it I knew I was going to need to work ten times harder than my colleagues, because I was the only person in the household bringing home an income (a conscious choice made by my wife and I as we had three small kids at home to raise). The reason why it was a huge benefit for me to stay put as a real estate sales associate was because I needed to learn, I needed to grow, and I needed some guidance while doing so. Now believe me, they let me make my share of mistakes, and plenty of those I certainly made. But what I can truly say is they were always there to help me dust myself off then push me to get back out there in the market to sell again another day. That's what great companies do - they build up their people and help them take the next step.

But I've always been a big dreamer and a big doer, and I knew that one day my ambitions would lead me to this point, it was just a matter of when. Starting your own real estate company is not that big a deal if all you plan to do is sell a few homes a year to family and friends. Lots of people do that. But it takes real "cojones" if you plan to build something much larger than yourself where you employ thousands of people and impact an entire market. I could always see that - rather I was driving in my car, walking into my office, getting my first listing, working with my first buyer, sleeping in my dreams, or watching (not really watching) something on television all I could see was that picture in my head that wouldn't go away. And now we've arrived to that point. Not the end of course but the beginning days of something big...something scary...something that makes me feel alive. I'm LEAPING again.

Which brings me back to why most people never do. It's because entrepreneurship is big, scary, and will constantly make them feel alive. How so you ask? Because so much is on the line, so many things can go wrong, so much money that you don't have can be lost, so many sleepless nights are to be expected, and so many hours, grueling, hard, hours will be spent trying to build a dream that no one else sees quite clear as you. Everyone else would think you're mad while you think you're doing something special. But how long can one keep that kind of optimism? Three months? Maybe six at best? That's the biggest reason why most never LEAP. But I've been LEAPING for quite a long time now and this one will be the furthest one yet. Wish me luck:-)

So, because of this a few things will be changing. I will be focusing an ENORMOUS amount of time and energy to building my company Urhous. It's a real estate brokerage and a media firm. The first of it's kind. Many real estate agents and firms have shot videos, produced commercials, among many other types of content. But none have been so laser focused or committed to the art as we are on a large scale. But we won't lose ourselves in only producing content. We are also fiduciary agents who have made a promise to our clients and our community that we will serve their real estate interest well when they go to buy or sell a home. It's what we do first.

I still intend on posting to this blog daily with fresh insight as it pertains to marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and maybe even a little real estate from time to time. But Urhous will be the best place for you to capture real estate content and a few other tricks we have up our sleeves to be revealed at a later time. 

If you've followed this blog for any period of time, and navigated through the site, you're going to start to notice a huge amount of content consolidation, or in some cases, removal. I want this site to be solely about what I can give to you that will be helpful as we all strive to do quality work. 

For those of you who have been around since 2014 (when this blog started) thank you so much for your constant support! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the time and attention you have given me. Hopefully, it has been as valuable to you as it has been for me. 

Now, there is still a great deal of work ahead my friends. I look forward to us building something great together! Onward.