A Post for Real Estate Agents

Excited about getting started......but the journey is so long.

The excitement isn't what makes most real estate agents quit....it's the journey. Just getting started in the business is exciting. Starting the new year off with a new plan in mind is exciting. Selling a home, receiving good customer reviews, and accomplishing new milestones are all exciting. But enduring the journey over the long term is often fret with challenges, dips, and the uncertainty of rather or not the plan you devised will actually work. This usually leads to agents second guessing their career choice altogether.  

As time goes on one of two things happen.

Either the agent begins to work through the adversity and learn how to build a sales business that will last, or the agent cuts their losses and gives up which is what happens 80% of the time within the first two years.

It's true...not all people are cut out for a career that is based on 100% commission, no guarantees, and no map for success. But isn't that the reason you decided to enter this business in the first place? For the chance to make as much money as you can, to not be given a guarantee but rather an opportunity, and to wake up to an adventure towards success, not a useless map that was created by someone else for someone else. This is what an entrepreneurial life looks like.

So how do you endure the journey?

Embrace it...look forward to it....and own it. Don't let it own you.