Why You Need a Termite Warranty

When you become a homeowner you suddenly take on a number of responsibilities that you didn't have before. One of which is protecting your property from bugs, rodents, and all of God's other creatures out there we don't have a name for (I don't know the name of), and most importantly securing your home against termites by hiring a pest control service to frequently treat your home. 

While all those other critters can certainly be a nuisance termites happen to be the one insect that can absolutely destroy your investment. Termites are wood destroying insects and are most prevalent in the southern and western regions of the country. They can get to your home from some of the most unknown places and begin eating away at the frame of the home. A termite warranty protects your home against such devastations. And if termites happen to actually penetrate those protective forces most pest companies will then come out to your home and repair/replace the damage free of charge. 

There are expenses out there that you may not need to take on while you are a homeowner but having a termite warranty certainly isn't one of them.