The Worst Part about Selling Your Home...

is showing your home. It can be, no let me rephrase that, it is an absolute hassle! You have to keep the house clean, organized, smelling good, and looking presentable at all times because you never know when someone may want to see it. And who in the world has a house that always looks perfect? But selling your home doesn't need to be that hard on you. Just stick to these tips and you won't need to have it on the market very long to show:

  • Before the showing open up all the blinds and curtains and turn on the lights. Let buyers walk into a lit up space that makes them feel welcomed and happy.
  • Clean off the counter tops and keep dishes out of the sink. Dishes in the sink make the house feel dirty.
  • Take out the garbage. Smelling what you ate last night is a distraction and a smelly one which makes people want to leave sooner.
  • Vacuum every night before going to bed so you don't have to rush to do it before a showing.
  • Keep your kid's toys, toothbrushes, grooming items, and mail stored away out of sight at all times. That way no one sees your things scattered all over the place.
  • Leave the house. When the seller is home it makes the buyer feel rushed and unable to be honest about what they really think of the home. Additionally, they feel as though they're interrupting your day. Buyers need an opportunity to feel the space like it's their own, and they can't do that when the person who owns it is standing along side them while they're viewing the property.

The worst part of selling your home maybe showing it but if you can sell it quicker by doing these 6 things the showings won't have to last very long.