Which Presidential Candidate Would Be Best For The Housing Market?

By now it's safe to say that the two choices America will have on the presidential ballot in November will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The question is how will a Trump or Clinton administration affect the housing market?

At this point, neither candidate has made any declarations to change the current state of the mortgage environment. After the housing crisis the government took a very pro-active approach to tightening guidelines required for one to obtain a mortgage. This has led to less people being able to purchase a home but it has also led to an increase in home values.

This current upward trend in the housing market tends to lend itself to the incumbent party being the one that could likely lead a continued progression in real estate values. However, the only problem is that Donald Trump is running on the Republican ticket and he's made a fortune in real estate.

It appears that the majority of Wall Street approves of Clinton over Trump, but when it comes to who would be the best at leading the economy, polls suggest Trump has the edge.

Obviously, the housing market isn't a major topic of this year's election as it had been in the past. But who will be the best for the housing market will depend largely on who has the ability to create an environment where more jobs are created. It's a good thing that home values have increased across the country but eventually home values will become unaffordable for many, rental rates will continue to climb, and the only way for those who are not homeowners to enter the market will be through having a job that would allow them to produce more income.

So who the best candidate will be for the housing market will be synonymous with who will be the best at working with the private sector to create jobs.