Work Smart, But Word Hard Too!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not ashamed to do work in the trenches, put in long hours, and invest a whole lot of sweat equity in the process while everyone else is looking for the perfect model for them to get more by doing less. 

In fact, I prefer it! It gives me a competitive advantage. And here's why.

While we can find ways to do work smarter that will ultimately lead us to building systems of leverage and removing ourselves from the daily grunt work. Reality is we don't get to start there.


You have to put in the hustle, pay your dues, and learn through the unteachable lessons that come from doing the work.

In the process, you learn some valuable lessons which gives you the tools and resources you need to build the infrastructure that will lead to you working less and leveraging your time and money in a smarter way.  

Now, of course, you can learn from others, maybe read a book, and practice applying what you've learned. Trust me, I get it! 

But I haven't seen anyone who's been able to pull off a feat like that without still actually having to dig deep, roll up their sleeves, put in the long hours, and go through some trial by fire. 

So, while everyone else is spinning their wheels and looking for a better mouse trap. I'm putting in the work, failing fast, and executing at a rapid rate because you don't need intelligence to execute. You just need desire and a strong work ethic. 

It's good to work smart, but don't ever forget that working smart will get you no where unless you work hard too.