Filling In The Gaps

In between showing homes yesterday I had about 45 minutes to kill and needed to figure out what to do with that time. 

I could've stop by a coffee shop or went to grab lunch at a diner but I wanted to do something more "productive." Plus, it can be difficult for me to just enjoy the nothingness of the moment, so I did what I always do, try and figure out how I can fill in the gap.

***Stay with me for a moment - I'm going somewhere with this***

I decided to drop by a nearby park and watch a baseball game. Now, I'm not one who's interested in baseball. I don't watch it and I didn't grow up around it.

But the purpose behind why I wanted to stop by the game was to monitor the behavior of the people.

As a marketer that's what we do. We recognize the behavior of people and try to understand what captures their attention. Hence, figuring out better ways to place our product or service in front of those people often. 

Here's what I found.

Out of the large number of people who purchased tickets to see a baseball game very few were actually watching it. Their heads were pinned down looking at their phones.

So what does that tell the marketer? It says that the rules of marketing has changed because where the consumer decides to place their attention has changed. Everyone's eyeballs are glued to their mobile device. And here's what's most interesting, while I was looking for something to do to fill in the gap, people at the baseball game were also looking for an opportunity to fill in the gap, by looking at their phones.

If you market and sell any product or service of any kind this should mean EVERYTHING to you!