Pre Home Inspection and Repairs

This is one area where the money you spend won't necessarily make you more money or sell the home any faster. But it will certainly keep you from losing money. 

Inevitably, when a seller goes under contract and the buyer conducts inspections the report usually come back lengthy with a large list of things to do. 

Suddenly, the sellers become nervous. If they don't do something about the repairs the buyer may walk, leaving them having to go back on the market which will cost them money. So what does the seller do? They either spend the money to take care of the repairs or they negotiate it from the price of the house. In both cases the result is the same, money coming out of their pocket. 

But savvy sellers conduct a pre-home inspection. They hire an inspector and have them to produce a report showing everything that needs to be addressed. From there, they either make repairs to everything found on the list, or if they don't have the time to address it or can't afford it, they get estimates from a few contractors, negotiate the best price, and keep the report and the estimates in their files so when they do go on the market, and the buyer presents these items from their inspection report, the seller can show that they've already received estimates and negotiated the best deal with several contractors and that the repairs have already been worked into the price of the home. This is called negotiating from a position of strength. If you're preparing your home for the spring market, I strongly encourage you to do a pre-home inspection.