Facebook Is Slowly Entering the Real Estate Business

I told you this would happen! When I first wrote about Facebook and other social media platforms entering the real estate business some thought I was nuts! But clearly the transitionis already underway.

If you've logged onto Facebook via your mobile device of late you may have encountered a new icon down at the middle of your device that looks like a store front building. If you click on that icon it suddenly takes you to a marketplace full of various items you can make an offer on - including a house. 

Facebook has now opened up a wide market for consumers to play in and it's, frankly, already taking market share from E-Bay, Craigslist, and maybe even Amazon in the near by future. 

Currently, real estate agents, and others, are able to place limited information into the "For Sale" Facebook database but the only missing link at this point is an IDX feed to local multiple listing services around the world. What's the probability Facebook will have that in the near future? I think you already know the answer.

The real estate business has changed and it is coming to a market near you!