Too Much Watching. Not Enough Doing.

Watching someone else do good work is easy. In fact, when the person does it well it can be down right hypnotic. You suddenly find yourself mesmerized by their work effort as you see yourself doing it the same way. 

But watching isn't the same as doing and spending too much time watching leaves you in a state of unrealistic expectation where you begin to believe that you can achieve similar results in unreasonable time frames. 

Doing the work gives you first hand experience, but most importantly, shows you what's real and what's fantasy. 

For example, you can't make that kind of money without first risking an amount that would scare you to death should you lose it all. You can't get superior results without first enduring the hardships that come when you're first starting out.

You see, you can only learn these types of lessons by doing not watching. Watching gives you an idea but doing gives you experience.