Being Bold

There isn't much that can replace one's ability to be bold and do what most are too timid to do. 

Boldness requires a lack of care and a lot of care. Let me explain.

A Lack of Care

If you're being honest with yourself you know that if you're truly willing to do what you're thinking in your mind it's going to come with some resistance from people who would rather not see you do it. You must not care about what these people think or want. You should have a lack of care when it comes to their opinions. It's very easy to say that you won't care what people think but far more difficult to put it into practice--especially when those people are close to you.

A Lot of Care

You have to care immensely about the work you're looking to do. I would argue that it needs to border on the side of obsession. Boldness means that you're willing to take the hits while also moving towards your goal. Are you that bold? Do you care about meeting your objective that much?

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