We're Not Entitled To Win

It's the truth. Most of us go about doing business like we're entitled to win. If we're honest, we're all just one complacent month away from being out of business. 

Being in real estate, I see this happen all the time. Rookie agents as well as veteran agents alike can easily fall into the endless cycle of parties, luncheons, and meaningless social events that come with being in the business. But when it comes to putting in the real work like prospecting, marketing, and other lead generating activities they become lackadaisical like the shit is just going to happen out of thin air. 

We're entitled to nothing. No one owes us anything in business. In fact, in some form of fashion, someone is trying to put you out of business right this moment. This is the way the game really works and behaving like you're entitled to win will most certainly lead to the demise of your business much sooner than you expected.