Big Dreams

Because you decided to click on this post I'm going to make an assumption that you're a dreamer. You see a life for yourself that's much bigger than what you're currently leading. 

That's a good thing!

But if I'm accurate with my description of dreams they usually require more energy and resources than you're currently allocating towards them. Would you agree?

Now, usually, most people have less resources than what's required to reach those dreams. That's like 99.5% of people. So, we all start in the same boat which is more dream than what we can afford to spend on it. 

But what about the energy we commit to those dreams?

If you're honest, has it been a sufficient amount?

Has that energy been focused or distracted?  

Has it been applied daily?

Has it been obsessed?

Interestingly enough, when our energies are committed fully somehow things begin to happen and resources start to find it's way to those who know how to make more of it's kind. 

Dreams can be realized, but it's reserved for the committed, the focused, the obsessed.