Loving the Hustle

If you're a "Hustla" these statements will resonate with you:

You only get about 5-6 hours of sleep....if that!

You wake up thinking you've already wasted time because you'd been sleeping.

You don't watch television. Who the hell has time for TV when there's so much work to be done. 

You don't particularly enjoy small talk. You'd rather be working. 

You play Jeezy's new song Hustlaz Holiday in your head all day.

You're focused on the work but also look for opportunities in the market you can benefit from.

You don't take lunch breaks.

While you're at the gym you're thinking about how you're going to crush it now that your biceps are on fleek.

You're pissed off when a deal falls through but you don't sweat it too long because you know there's plenty fish in the sea.

You understand that no one pays you money, but rather, you get money. Hustlaz create their own income. 

You would have life no other way. You couldn't possibly imagine working a job.

You love the hustle.