Entrepreneurship Takes Talent

Look, I know we live in a day and age where the word entrepreneur is sexy and it gets tossed around as though anyone can do it. But in actuality, almost no one can!

Entrepreneurship is one of the most unreasonable ventures someone could decide to take on. Think about it. There's no guarantee of success, there's no map that leads you to the promise land, there's no assurance you'll make money, and in fact there's a very high probability that you'll lose a lot of it before you even make a dime. You work long hours, everyone thinks you're in over your head, and your spouse wonders if the two of you are going to eat the following month.

In the beginning, that's what entrepreneurship looks like and almost no one can succeed under those conditions. 

So, what separates the real Entrepreneurs from the "Wanna be's"? Definitely an insanely sick and obsessive amount of determination and action. But what most people also leave out is talent. 

Some people are just born to hustle, they embrace fear, love the challenge, and would much rather live among the risk of failing as opposed to the comfort of security. 

Talent gives a true entrepreneur a competitive edge that unfortunately the wanna be entrepreneur simply will never have.

But that's okay!

It's called self-awareness. Some people are meant to be A players while others are meant to play B and C roles. In fact, a B and C player can be just as successful as an A player by understanding that their greatest strengths lie in other areas that don't require the same amount of risk. 

The A player is always on her game. She's always on edge and just about always dealing with some sort of challenge that she must work through and conquer. But the difference between her and the B and C's is that she has the talent to get over the hump. While if the others were in her position they would always be one step behind. 

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