Going small allows us to compete with BIG

Being Big used to matter. If you were the biggest company you could devour the competition. If you had a big budget you could buy up all the advertising space. If you built the tallest building then you were the most reputable builder.

Being Big used to matter. And then small happened.

Suddenly small became more efficient. Small became more personal. Small could make quicker decisions and adjust to the competition with very little effort or expense. Small became the Achilles heel of Big.

Allow me to give you a few examples.

American Airlines lost customers to Southwest. Television lost viewers to YouTube. Newspapers lost subscriptions to Blogs. And advertising firms lost fortune 100 company clients to small social media agencies. There is a laundry list of stories surrounding the market on how small has competed with big.

The question is, how small are you willing to go in order to compete with BIG? If you're driven and committed enough you'll focus on the gaps in the market and become everything that represents that gap. Otherwise you'll find yourself playing the game for the BIG'S where they have something to offer to the masses. And that's simply not a game that you can afford to play nor care to play. 

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