What's the definition of bold?

A person who's daring enough to take risk. Confident in their own abilities and courageous enough to put them to the test.

What's the definition of bold?

A person who's audacious in their pursuit. Assured, maybe--but definitely fearless. Not without fear, but live according to fear. Thrive on fear, follow their fear, only feel alive if they're experiencing a little fear. 

What's the definition of bold?

The opposite of timid. The irreconcilable difference of the one who's too afraid to take a chance. To unsure to act with purpose. 

If you haven't read LEAP "A Manifesto About Taking Risk, Enduring Challenges, and Leaping Into Your Passion" I encourage you to read it today. It's quick, easy to follow, and to the point. 

I also recommend one of my favorite books The Icarus Deception by one of the most incredible authors/teachers of our time, Seth Godin. 

Being bold isn't something we're comfortable with doing--but it is something we must do if we want any type of change. 

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