A competitive advantage...

Is what one works to gain in a competitive environment. On the one hand, a person could use their talent as the advantage that tips the scale. Sure it could work, but the problem with talent is that it's inconsistent; sometimes it's on, and sometimes, not so much.

The other way to go about gaining a competitive advantage is by doing what you're competitors are unwilling to do. This usually pans out to be an effective tactic. It's the "hit 'em where they're weak" sort of strategy that can pay dividends. The question is, how long can one  keep this up? And most importantly, is this also one of your weaknesses? 

Which leads me to the most valuable strategy--demonstrate consistency in your strengths. The best way to gain a competitive advantage is to stick to the work you're strongest at. Your strengths may very well be a competitor's weakness; but rather it is or it isn't, that shouldn't matter as much. What matters is that you continue to operate consistently in the manner that gives you an edge. I call them the "little things" that turn into bigger things! Really big things--that have a huge impact on the outcome. 

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