Highly Recommended Books For Marketers

In today's age, we're all marketers--even if you don't consider yourself one. If you're trying to get noticed, or have something of yours become noticed, then you're marketing. The question is, how do you market, and is it effective? It's possible that you might want to read up on all the books on social media marketing, target marketing, and branding. But I much prefer to steer you in some alternative directions. Here are a few books that have influenced me, and my beliefs about marketing, in numerous ways; hopefully you'll come to find these good reads to be useful to you as well.

1. Tribes by Seth Godin

Known as the world's greatest marketer, Seth Godin, argues that the internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the past; tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values.

2. The 80/20 Principle "The Secret of Achieving More With Less" by Richard Koch

Koch goes into depth on the Pareto Principle also known as the 80/20 rule. A very persuasive and detailed look at how only a few things we do are responsible for the majority of our results.

3. Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

Sally helps us see why it's more important that we become more of who we are rather than try to become something that we're not. Becoming more of who we are is what ultimately fascinates people. The trick is, learning to master the art of your own personality.

4. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

In this quick buy yet POWERFUL read, Steve really digs in and talks about this idea that much of what we don't accomplish is a result of what he calls the "Resistance" in our mind. If you don't read any other book on this list I hope you would consider this one.

5. The Story of Purpose by Joey Reiman

With clients like McDonald's, Coca Cola, Disney, and so many other Fortune 50 corporations, Joey Reiman is not only the best, but also the most expensive marketing consultant on the planet! In this incredible read, Reiman talks about the importance of approaching advertising with a purpose. Purpose sales, Ads don't.

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