Now more than ever, the connection we make through the work we do matters more than the systems we use to do our work with.

Traditionally, it was taught that if you built the right mouse trap the mice would come. But now in a time where everyone has a better mouse trap, we've come to realize, that a better mouse trap simply isn't enough.

But isn't this what the industrialist taught us? Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, they all said to build a better and more efficient factory, cut cost, and build it for the masses.

This perspective infiltrated our society. It crept into our schools, our marketplace, and our advertising.

- Teach everyone the same curriculum and give a standardized test to measure intelligence.

- Create sales scripts that could be used on anyone, and when you master them you'll be able to influence people to buy what you're selling.

- Build marketing campaigns for the populace and suddenly you'll have a line outside the door.

Companies now realize that this is no longer a valuable strategy. It is not about production first--it's connection first. And connections are made through personal interactions, intimacy, and artistry. 

It's not that systems aren't important and shouldn't be executed consistently. But if there's any part of your business you might want to focus on first, it's in learning to perfect the art of connection.

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