Zero Expectations

Here’s an important truth you must become comfortable with. When it comes to dealing with people, you must engage in relationships with absolutely zero expectation of getting anything back in return.

Expecting nothing from the people you engage with gives them the freedom to want to engage back with you, and that is what also gives you the freedom to continue to give purely.

Otherwise you become bitter, because you didn't really care about the person, what you really cared about was the outcome. And when the outcome doesn't look like what you expected it makes you feel betrayed and eventually you quit.

Put simply, this means that the engagement wasn't authentic. It was tainted by a hidden agenda, a self fulfilling desire, it was really all about you. Yes, we all want to benefit, but don’t focus on benefiting, focus on engaging, focus on giving value.

If you do that, you will not only find yourself with more business, but more importantly you will find yourself with business worth having.

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