Avalanches Are Real

On the cartoons, an avalanche starts with a small snowball rolling down the steep side of the mountain. Eventually, the snowball grows large and it begins to pick up so much momentum that the avalanche becomes impossible to stop.

The same thing happens in business. The most challenging stage is always the beginning, when you're trying to get customers through the door, and only your family, and a few friends, show up for the grand opening. 

This also happens in marketing when you're trying to get noticed and garner the market's interest; but no one truly recognizes you until a few years later. 

It also happens to your bank account when you're just starting to build good saving habits, and you're still thinking that there's something better that could be done with the money. 

But there's power in focusing on the snowball. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great , calls this the Flywheel Concept. When it comes to building any sort of organization, it's a cumulative effect. There's no sudden breakthrough or big "Aha" moment. It's a small push at a time that requires a lot of effort in the beginning. But eventually, after the snowball goes through one revolution, then two revolutions, then eight, then twenty, and begins to pick up speed, it suddenly takes on a life of it's own.

What you're working to create at this moment is an avalanche. But don't focus on the avalanche, focus on pushing the snowball; and let the avalanche take care of itself.

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