Death by Distraction

It's true, it has or is happening/happened to us all. The state of falling victim to the overwhelming lure of distraction.

Have you ever noticed that when you try to focus on your work someone calls, something interesting comes on television, an intriguing headline comes across the internet, or your cell phone makes that "boop" sound alerting you have a message, and each time it happens it leads you further down an unproductive path. This is death by distraction.

Ironically, our lives today are flooded with such consumption. We frequently start the day by checking social media, email, our favorite sites, a little more social media, then we get to work. But only to become distracted by the buzzing cell phone and a colleague who has a question. It's a never ending cycle of monotony and lack of production. 

But the internet isn't to blame nor the people. It's us. We allow the distraction by giving it easy access. The only reason why we're lured away from our work is because we don't protect the time we need to spend doing it. It hasn't become sacred in our minds--it's still optional. And as a result, our production suffers. 

Death by distraction is actually self-sabotage in disguise. We hide from the real work by keeping busy with the mundane and the idol. We drift away into the sea of likes, comments, and response to emails. We become prey to the attention seeker of television. 

None of these outlets are bad or harmful, but our addiction towards them are. The fact is, your business, and in fact, your life, will never truly become what you foresee when your attention is diverted in so many ways.

Maybe today can be different. Maybe you can start anew, and decide to block everything and everyone else out for a period of time and just focus on doing the work.   

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