Learning Simplicity

Each day I awake with a goal in mind of simply focusing on my work. There are times when I'm not successful. I too, like many of you, find myself distracted along the way. I even have a tendency to make my work more complex than what it needs to be. I find myself adding new task, including an extra step, checking an email, or maybe two, or was it three? The point being the further I get away from simplicity the more complex my life becomes and the more distant my goals begin to be. 

Yesterday, I wrote a blog titled "The Absence of Alternatives" and the reason for that title was simple, that when we completely remove everything else that we could do, would do, shouldn't do, and all the other options in between, we're left only with the work that really matters. The work in that moment. 

Imagine a life of simplicity, devoid of the clutter where you intentionally created an environment that led to less distraction. Now surely, there will always be something that comes about that will take you off kilter and require your immediate attention, but what I'm referring to is the self-sabotage we bring upon ourselves.

There's so many ways to define self-sabotage here so I won't bother dealing with the numerous obstacles we place in our own way. However I will say that in the moments where I've actually achieved simplicity it was always at the expense of other things I enjoyed doing as well. It just so happened that those other things weren't ever going to lead me towards what I really wanted. 

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