I Work For Cheap!

Literally or Figuratively,

Real estate agents say this in order to find more listings.

Contractors say this in order to get new customers.

Freelancers and small business people of all kinds say this hoping it will bring them more business. 

If you're lucky it will. But if you're already cheap then you can bet your bottom dollar someone else is cheaper.

The market will always find the cheapest service and product, and when they do, the question becomes can you do it for even less? 

It's a race to the bottom to see who can offer the cheapest rate; not one that looks to see who can provide the most value.

The cheap road used to produce strong market share during the Industrial Age. You know, guys like Henry Ford, J.D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie. 

It doesn't anymore. 

Now, the most valuable service and product acquires the most market share while the cheapest continues to figure out ways to do business in the bottomless pit. 

If you're scarce you're valuable. If you're just like the crowd then there's always someone else who can do it for less.

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