Put your money where your heart is

That's where we find value; in the things we believe in. When it comes to matters of the heart, even in business, the heart seldom lies.

But even though passion is a huge part of going after a vision you still need money to build it. Too many entrepreneurs and freelancers make the mistake of simply being high off emotion but too cautious to actually put their own money at risk. We all want the shiny carrot, and have an idea that could probably help us to obtain it, but not many of us will actually put our money on the line in order to see it through. 

It's not just vision, it's not just passion, it's execution and resources. 

I know what you're thinking....what if I don't have the resources?

We all play with the cards we're dealt so let's not drum up a pity party. The fact of the matter is you do what you must in order to get what you want. That's a truth in life.

If that means you need to cut cable, cut it.

If that means you can't go out to a restaurant, don't do it.

If that means you have to cut your freaking lifestyle, then you know what you have to do.

Cut back on what you don't need in order to fund what you must! If you're serious about the work--No, I mean really serious, you'll figure the shit out! Period. 

Put your money where your heart is because time is ticking and how long do you really think you have to get this done? Trust me, not as long as you think.

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