What Sort Of Promises Are You Making

When you take a listing, what sort of promises are you making to the client? As written, the listing agreement between the agent and the client makes no promises other than to put the home on the market, for an agreed upon time, at an agreed upon price. But is this the only promise the client expects? And is this the only promise you hope to deliver on? 

I think most agents who've had any degree of success would say that they are careful when it comes to the promises they make. But I think most would agree that their list would look something like this:

- I promise to always be honest with you.

- I promise to market your home to the best of my abilities.

- I promise to have the guts to tell you what you need to hear.

- I promise to be professional and courteous.

- I promise to keep the line of communication open at all times. 

- I promise to give you fair advice.

Most clients expect this kind of service at the very least. Selling the home is the icing on the cake. But nothing rubs a client the wrong way more than when an agent doesn't return their calls, can't give a clear response, don't spend money on marketing their home, and seem to only be out for themselves. 

Of course, most sellers want to get their home sold; but the most important promise they expect agents to deliver on is in the treatment of their clients like human beings. Not like they're just another commission.  

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