The Joys, The Ups, & The Downs

That's what we sign up for when we decide to start doing our own work.

The Joy is in knowing that you're finally doing what you were called to do. 

The Ups come with seeing how happy the market is with the work you created, and how much it resonates with others.

The Downs, however, is everything in between. The struggle during the process. The battle with yourself of actually getting the work done. The problems that come up. The failures. The times when you don't feel like engaging. The times when engaging doesn't feel like it's enough. 

But the Downs is what makes the Joys and the Ups so much sweeter. And after you've done enough work, you begin to appreciate what the Downs have to offer. You start to realize that it's not the Joys and the Ups that make your work better, it's the Downs. 

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