Good Selling

It’s a common perspective, salespeople are generally viewed as selfish, self centered pricks! At the end of the day, what salespeople really want is to make the commission. Everything salespeople do is for the purpose of getting the consumer to do something for them!

I must admit, this is true...for the assholes out there who aren't true to the craft. The ones who are only concerned about their next sale.

I don’t care for those kinds of people either. They’re unattractive, and they usually don’t last very long. But the vast majority of real estate agents, car salesman, financial advisors, shoe salesman, etc, are not only good people, they’re great people. Especially the really good ones. The good ones, are superior, not at selling, but at serving. They understand the ultimate purpose behind why they engage in building relationships with customers and clients. Which is not to sell them something, but to serve the need they actually have. Sometimes that means selling them a product and sometimes that means explaining to them that it’s not in their best interest to buy at this time.

This is what it means to serve well. Not only helping someone obtain what they want but also leading them away from what they want because it would do more harm than good.

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