Every Single Day Matters

And those who are working to master their craft clearly understand this concept. It's impossible to be "On" during certain moments and off again when the moment doesn't appear to be as important and still build something incredible. This is called teetering not mastering.

This is also the secret to marketing. A constant drip on the marketplace over an extended period of time with very little gaps in between. How else can someone truly know who you are, what product it is you offer, what kind of special service that sets you apart from the competition; unless they've gotten to know the work you do over time.

What you're building is less about this moment and more about the years that are ahead. When you put together a couple of good days and weeks with backslides in between it doesn't give you much momentum or credibility to stand on. But when you add up all the countless days that didn't matter to others but meant everything to you there is much to be said about the work and even more to be said about you.