We Don't Need Another Mystery - Part 2

In the last post I talked about the fact that, within our world today, one thing the consumer does not lack is options. Options that weren't available fifty years ago or even ten years ago. But I mentioned that while there are so many options the consumer would prefer not to go through the hassle of sifting through all that's available. Instead, what the consumer really wants is a guarantee. That guarantee could be a big name that has always been called upon by so many in the past; and that name feels safe in some respects. However, sometimes the problem with that choice is that the big name has run out of fresh and innovative ideas and has become comfortable at its position. This opens the door up for a new kind of guarantee--a new name. Someone who has risked much to prove themselves to the market and managed to build momentum. To the consumer, the new name is not only equipped to handle the job but the new name is also small enough to give something even more valuable that the big name simply couldn't afford to give. A remarkable experience.