Emily Page: The Woman Who Dares to be Remarkable

When I met Emily Page for the first time I was struck by her audaciousness. We were at a local Chamber of Commerce event and everyone was doing the whole traditional go around the room, say your name, and tell us what you do sort of thing. Emily, stood up and gave her elevator speech, but in it she made an audacious statement that made everyone in the room pause. Without saying anything negative about her competitors, who happened to be in the room that day, she said enough that made everyone dismiss the competitor and come up to speak with her instead. I said to myself “this lady got some real cajones!” From that moment forward Emily and I have been friends ever since.

Emily lives by this phrase she has painted across her art studio wall in Raleigh that says “Dare to be Remarkable.” This expression lives with Emily as an artist, that started when she was a young girl who dreamt of becoming a ballerina like her grandmother who danced with Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn, and who took her to Jacob’s Pillow to watch dance classes and performances every summer. Emily’s grandmother died some years ago and since that moment she sought ways to reconnect with her; Emily found that through painting. Emily began doing paintings of dancers and fell in love with dance all over again. And while she no longer dances, she constantly challenges herself to capture the movement and spirit of dance; by recreating the mood of a performance on a piece of canvas.

Memories are dear to us all but Emily often does something with those memories. Emily has an incredibly close but distant relationship to her father, a jazz musician, who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia several years ago, and now lives in a dementia care unit. Her father doesn't always remember her as his daughter but Emily continues to show her father a daughter’s love. This prompted Emily to produce a series of works titled “Fractured Memories.” In these paintings, Emily recreates moments between her and her father; each portrait carefully constructed like a puzzle in which some pieces are tightly merged together while others are loosely scattered. Emily is currently working on an entire show revolved around this theme http://emilypageart.com/Fractured_Memories.php .

“Dare to be Remarkable” is the phrase Emily Page lives by, and while life circumstances happen to cause some of us to fly to low beneath the sun, it ultimately causes Emily to fly close to it. Emily’s passion, for her work, is fueled by life challenges; and she continues to use her passion to do remarkable things in her own life and for the lives of others. Emily, and her husband Vince, run a successful business in Raleigh called Artistic Abandon (Wine and Paint Studio). She has also held numerous art exhibitions across the country displaying her work in front of thousands of people. Not to mention, Emily has worked as an actress and held featured roles in film.

It’s easy to use the phrase “Dare to be Remarkable” but to truly live it out in the mist of adversity is what being remarkable is. The reason why I decided to write about Emily is because her story is worth making a remark about; and it’s one that I believe could inspire you, as it has inspired me that even in our challenges, Dare…to be…Remarkable.