Isn't it true, that every time you start doing the work that requires the most focus, the most drive, and the most ambition you're met with distractions. Not just any kind of distraction. No, the kind of distractions that you're actually tempted by. The ones that often lure you away from the work, and take only a few minutes of your time. But eventually those minutes turn into days, even weeks, of getting off course.

Life has an interesting way of separating the truly committed from the halfhearted. Who's going to pick the unforbidden fruit? That question is always waiting to see how you might respond. 

No one truly knows how you will behave when you're faced with those distractions; but usually history gives a little insight as to what you might do. We all know what sort of distractions tend to lead us away from doing our most important work. So, it may be a good idea to completely remove the distraction (or make it extremely difficult to engage in) and get on with doing what matters. 

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