In The Middle of a LEAP

If the beginning of the leap is the most exciting, the middle of the leap is the most frightening. Why? Because you've already leaped. There's nothing underneath you, anymore, to break your fall. It's the time when things are the most challenging, when the money is the most scarce, when there's no going back.

But isn't this freedom?

Isn't this exactly what you signed up for? Isn't this exactly what you wanted when you decided to take the leap?

The chance to create something worthwhile, to do work that mattered, to leave an impression and make change. How else could you do it unless there was something on the line? 

The beginning is filled with excitement, a little bit of fear, and lots of ambition. It's the point where you don't know any better, and that could be a good thing.

However, the middle of a leap is the part that actually changes you, and where you learn to become more disciplined. It exposes the bad habits you have, it forces you to give generously, it brings out the absolute best in you. What other choice do you have when you're in the middle of a leap?

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