Say Goodbye to Interruption Marketing

Interrupting people used to be the way to bring in business. If you had the budget and could afford to wait out the consumer until they finally gave in then that was the way to market. Real estate agents would often use their marketing dollars to send out monthly post cards, place ads in the newspaper, and create an expired listings campaign, and it worked...back in 2006. As the consumer market evolved and more ways have been developed to ignore marketers (one of the most recent being GMAIL's creation of the "Promotions" tab) real estate agents have become stuck wondering how else to capture the attention of the consumer.

In the, what some would coin, "good ole days" the entire point was to capture the attention of the consumer. If you had the money, you could afford to interrupt people, if you had the time, you could simply go knock on their door or get their phone number from the telephone book (what the hell is a telephone book?) and make the call. But in today's market, the rules have changed, and capturing the attention of the consumer isn't enough, now you must EARN their attention.

Attention is the most valuable commodity, and because we now have so many options and so many tools at our disposal, why should I listen to you? Interruption marketing isn't nearly as popular as it once was; today it is even becoming culturally unacceptable to practice such a tactic. Therefore, real estate agents have no other choice than to figure out how to earn the attention of their market. Like never before, agents will have to learn how to build trust over time because any other way is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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