Jay Z, Marina Abramovic, and Steven Spielberg

Upon first glance, you notice that, the special link that bonds these three people together is that they each practice art. Jay Z works with words, Marina works with the body, and Spielberg works with motion images. Each one made a commitment years ago that they would work at mastering their craft. They are artist. It becomes incredibly difficult for someone else to compete with these three people in their chosen craft. Some may try to duplicate and critics may try to downplay their work; but when it comes to art, it cannot be duplicated and it's only meant for the believers who care. Therefore, artist become, as Seth Godin would say, the best in the world. Not the entire world, but their world, the world they created.

Fortunately, we are all artist in one way or another; because art is really all about making a connection. But just imagine, if you cared enough to master your craft where would you find competition?

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