The Top 10 Appreciating Communities Inside The Belt Line

One of the hottest areas to live in today inside the Triangle is Raleigh's Inside the Beltline, also known as ITB. Tons of young Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomer consumers are all running to acquire some of the most prime real estate in all of the Triangle. The ITB location is urban, with older neighborhoods, homes with lots of character; and close to trendy restaurants, night life, and fun filled events on the weekends. Here is a list of the Top 10 Appreciating Communities Inside The Belt Line with the average list price:

1. Mordecai Place               Avg. PPY: 6.5%                  Avg. Price: $312,958

2. Hayes Barton                 Avg. PPY: 5.45%                Avg. Price: $624,091

3. Bloomsbury                    Avg. PPY: 5.43%                Avg. Price: $515,893

4. North Hills                      Avg. PPY: 5.42%                Avg. Price: $340,650

5. Cameron Park               Avg. PPY: 5.36%                Avg. Price: $519,000

6. Woodcrest                    Avg. PPY: 5.19%                 Avg. Price: $206,250

7. Meredith Woods          Avg. PPY: 5.09%                Avg. Price: $276,364

8. Lakemont                     Avg. PPY: 4.58%                Avg. Price: $211,396

9. Hi Mount                      Avg. PPY: 3.92%                Avg. Price: $211.958

10. Sunset Hills                Avg. PPY: 3.7%                   Avg. Price: $388,100