The High End Freelancer vs The Entrepreneur

So, everyone talks about wanting to become an entrepreneur. Someone who builds a business bigger than themselves essentially to the point where the business no longer needs them. However, not everyone's choice of occupation, desire, or talents will allow them to become such a person.

Think about the designer who is hired to decorate luxury hotels. Think about the music artist who is paid to perform at Coca-Cola's Holiday Party or the White House. Think about the actor or actress who is asked to be a part of  a major film because they're the one's who have the unique talent needed to bring the movie to life. These people are all High End Freelancers. They're work is defined by the quality of the projects they do.

The Entrepreneur can get away with offering products and services for cheap but the High End Freelancer always carries a premium. Why? Because chances are very few people possess the same unique talents necessary to carry out the job. Many luxury brands started out this way such as Louis Vuitton and Ferrari; and some still continue this model even today.

The Entrepreneur finds what the market needs and learns to build it to scale. The High End Freelancer specializes in unique projects and learns how to make them come alive.