Our Habits Determine Our Outcome

About ten months ago I read a book titled The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (I strongly encourage you to pick it up when you have the chance). In the book, Duhigg explained how 80% of the decisions we make through out our day aren't really decisions at all, but rather habits. Actions we regularly take based around the cue we receive, the reward we obtain, and the routine we take in order to achieve the reward. It was an eye opening piece of insight for me. It got me to thinking about how, as a business person, I was constantly engaging in the same actions, hoping for a different result, only to end up where I started at. We all have experienced this arduous cycle. But the answer to the questions of, how does one find a different result and create a new habit, were in a "nutshell" quite simple. Which all came down to this, want a different result do something different. Duhigg, of course, goes into greater detail on this and includes strategy that could help one implement this concept. But the bottom line is, whatever we're trying to change, it's first going to require that we develop new habits. Do you have the courage, the commitment, and discipline to see it through?

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