The Problem With Becoming Married To The Results

It's common to start something we believe people will support and tell their friends about.

You would think your friends would tell everyone they know that you just started a new business and, in your mind, it's only a matter of time before you start serving customers and have to hire on more people because the business is growing fast.

You would think that because you put your heart into writing a new book and people know how great of a storyteller you are a line would be filled with people waiting to get your autograph on the first page.

You would think because everyone tells you your music is great that when you put it on the market for sale you immediately get noticed and before you know it you're doing a show every night.

Unfortunately, this isn't commonplace and many times we become married to the results in our mind. It's not that the vision of that happening is unhealthy, it's the notion that your work all hinges on that one act. Chances are you're likely going to need to speak to a thousand more people before your business reaches the height that you dream. You're probably going to end up writing ten more novels before the first one gets recognized. You're probably going to create three more years worth of music before the market begins to notice your work.

Therein lies the question, are you married to the results or are you married to the work? The results are by and large out of your control and if you're married to that then chances are quitting is in your near future. But if you're married to the work then you don't rest and hope in one customer, in one book, in one album. You constantly work to perfect your craft and deliver your very best to the market each and every time.